The Pikeza software package is the latest version of the complex for planning, design and methodological and technological support of field seismic exploration work. The complex includes the following programs:
  • the main program is Piqueza, which includes tools for importing and exporting geological and geophysical information, visualizing profile diagrams, color diagrams,
  • viewing seismic SEGY files; control of design parameters, creation of reports, etc.
  • program for analyzing and viewing SEGD files
  • vibrator data integration and presentation program
  • map conversion program used to link base maps to terrain
  • program for combining area maps
  • a program for converting coordinates using common points, allowing you to move from one coordinate representation to another
  • a program for generating coordinates and heights that performs the functions of interpolating data and breaking them down at a given interval.
Latest version of the program:  Setup_p7_2024R10206 (February 2024) If you (your organization) have a license for the Pikeza software package, then to obtain the latest version of the program, contact us using the form located on the website, provide the name of the organization, contract number; contact e-mail address. A link to the program distribution will be sent to the specified email address. The approximate download size is 90 MB. List of changes in program versions for 2022