FNT program is aimed at quick-response quality control of field exploration works 2D and 3D. Seismic matter visualization tools incoming from the station in SEG-D format, its convertation into SEGY data interchange format including MP-factor are available; if seismic geometry description is available as SPS-files, geometry inspection by means of theoretical direct-wave traveltime graph superposition, quantitative signal estimate calculation and noise calculation in the selected analysis windows can be carried out.

Massive calculation opportunities enable:

  • establish a correspondence of the files that describe geometry with the real matter;
  • get an objective quantitative estimate of recorded data;
  • decide efficiently whether source material corresponds to the aims and goals of the work;
  • improve the energy release method if it is necessary;
  • identify and localize factors that have adverse influence on waveform properties.

Besides the operating control in the field conditions, the program can be used for receiving expert material evaluation during the preliminary acceptance.

Program ideology enables upload any quantity of the source data for estimation (while providing this data with geometry in SPS-files format) as well as provides large degree of flexibility in analysis window management and the analysis method without lowering objectivity and efficiency of obtained results.

General program work scheme is shown in Figure 1.

As it is seen from the figure, work with the program is composed of two main phases.

  1. Original setting
  2. Current work

When setting up the program following steps are made:

  • default directories with which the progress is being made are determined, seismic material export formats are configured and data visualization preferences are set by means of the function Set main menu.
  • After receiving the geometry description files in SPS format they are uploaded into the project and based on them geomentry library (LGE) is formed by means of Set SPS files function.
  • If text record is available (e.g. acquisition tests data) this record is uploaded into the project, geometry is assigned to the trace headers and analysis windows, where quantitative estimates will be counted with the help of Set estimation windows function, are set.

Standart work with the application involves reading files from the preceding defined catalogue on the disc, automatized designature processing,  seismic record display; automatic calculation and saving estimation and station parametrium.

Start of work corresponds to the click on RUN on the main program window, after it SEG-D files catalogue starts being observed for new and/or changed files. If similar files are found search against a geometry, database is made (LGE library) and if the file complience is found, geometry is assigned to the trace headers and these traces are displayed. If the geometry is not available, initial traces are also displayed but it is possible neither check geometry nor calculate window estimation.

To finish the work monitoring must be interrupted by the clicking on STOP on the main program window and exit the program clicking on Quit.