ZAO NPC “GeoSeisControl” provides following services in field seismic survey work supervising and monitoring health, safety, environment and civil defense during carrying them out ashore and afloat:

  • Seismic survey work supervising:
    • quality control of recording facilities setting;
    • quality control of recorded seismic data and supporting documentation;
    • participation in work planning, providing of recommendations on work optimization;
    • accountability for a Customer on work progress and recorded data quality;
  • Surveying supervising:
    • accuracy control of removal to the site of the array station design position;
    • accuracy control of determining coordinates removed to the array station;
    • control of surveying party engineering documentation (quality and impartiality of  sketch preparation);
    • providing a Customer with a report on the work;
  • Quality control of nonexplosive source work:
    • carrying out built-in quality check of all deployed  vibroseis sources independently from a customer and analysis of control results before manufacturing activity;
    • providing a Customer with a report on conducted control and a conclusion about correspondence between parameters of deployed sources with parameters declared by a producer;
    • remote analysis of vibroseis sources work during the season.
  • Control services on health, safety, environment and civil defense while conducting field seismic survey work:
    • Control on mobilization/demobilization of employees of  contracting entity field crew who conduct field seismic surveys;
    • Control on HSE & CD in a seismic crew camp and in the area where seismic survey is conducted. It have to meet the requirements of Russian Federation regulation, project documentation and Customer standards;
    • HSE & CD accounting control by a Provider of field seismic surveys;
    • Expert support in the sphere of HSE & CD including carrying out risk assessment, work to avoid incidents, holding meetings and briefings, development and carrying out corrective actions, incident investigations etc.
    • Conducting propaganda in the sphere of HSE & CD, participation in  evolution of employee safety culture and leadership;
    • Support a Provider of field seismic surveys in organization and conducting trainings how to act in accident situations;
    • Support a Provider of field seismic surveys in organization and implementation of sophisticated means of protection, state-of-the-art safety technologies and HSE & CD management system.