«Pikeza» software package is the last vesion of the complex for planning, engineering and methodical-engineering support of field seismic works. Into the project following programs are included:

  • main program — «Pikeza» featuring means of import and export of geological-geophysical information, profile scheme vizualisation, colour chart, seismic SEGY-file viewing; project parameter control etc.
  • map transformation program used for binding a map-base to the ground for its following displaying on the «Pikeza» program.
  • mapping merger program
  • common point coordinate transformation program that enables moving from one coordinate representation to the other with the mis-tie minimisation at locations (3 to 20)
  • coordinate and elevation generation program that accomplishes functions of data interpolation and its laying with set interval.

Last version of the program Pikeza 2016R1 0322 (March 2016).

If you (or your organisation) hold a license for «Pikeza» software package, contact us to get the last version of the program. You can fill the form on our website, where you should tell us name of the organization, contract number; e-mail address. A link to the software will be sent to this e-mail. Approximate load size is 32 Mbyte.

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2016

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

2016R4 build 1228
[+] Rejected change consideration while azimuths-removal calculation
[+] Disconnected chanels consideration while fold and azimuth calculation taking the rejected into account
[=] If it is the group project — button Consideration of the rejected is not seen

2016R4 build 1223
[+] import of the invalid channel data in the window «Assesment»
[+] consideration of the rejected channels while fold calculation

MAP 2016R4 build 1201
[+] OSM map trasformation

2016R4 build 1128
[*] Function of data updating if the data in group project is spoilt
[*] data input and change in Edit are corrected

2016R4 build 1109
[=] OSM map upload without a map loaded preliminarily
[=] OSM dialog download was changed, now you will be asked for a directory to store files downloaded from the Internet
[=] if there is no tile, file NotAvailable.png is displayed, he must be stored in the fold with maps (*.dat) or with the program
[=] selection of the object on the OSM map with highlighting and identification

2016R4 build 1010
[=] Changes in the offshore project. Text fields UKOOA are added. The settlement is made in numerical columns. By opening the project the progress bar is displayed.

2016R3 build 0907
[=] COG-STATE COG-Deviation display in other manner
[=] vibrators:  in the columns: COG, VAPS, COG+VAPS   not in ‘+’
[=] conditions are saved when the window is open
[=] buttons Save /download the conditions
[*] folder name with space
[=] button Vibrators is added

2016R3 build 0831
[*] error while using palette when only one colour is painted
[=] captions to the objects — highlighted value
[=] not to draw the stakes and captions, if there is lach of colours for text columns
[+] select the colour for the objects where is no colour (text columns, if there are more than 32 values) — It is set in the context menu «Draw left»

2016R3 build 0729
[+] Vibrator program call from Pikeza
[+] data import from the Vibrators project
[+] vibrators data viewing in Pikeza

2016R3 build 0728
[=] debugging for array is deleted
[=] spline creation for finding the maximum and zero point

2016R3 build 0726
[*] input data for spectrum calculation was invalid

2016R3 build 0718
[*] SEGY assesments: bug is fixed (connected with displaying all Assesments)
[=] SEGY assesments: graph setting (caption, colour while zoom, unzoom, X-direction — frequency)
[=] SEGY assesments: while loading the list — immediately make the first window the active one fo the assesments and display all windows

2016R3 build 0715
[=] Segy assesments: writing to the file and reading the information about the assesments
[=] Segy assesments: possibility to edit the windows
[=] Segy assesments: displaying of amplitudes for the window traces sum
[=] Segy assesments: writing to the Pikeza project which includes the record of all windows
[=] Segy assesments: possibility to display all windows
[=] Segy assesments: Undo — writing to the project

2016R3 build 0707
[=] height consideration while the distance calculation — function Distance + Z
[=] menu ( the point switch off the explosion if it is RP or single SP is removed )

2016R2 build 0520
[=] Group-> single: absence of files was considered
[=] Group — error when deleting the project if there are not well bores
[=] Group — letter colour is white if the background is dark

2016R2 build 0519
[*] mis-ties

2016R2 build 0518
[=] Information when creating the single project from the group -> in comments file

2016R2 build 0516
[*] Mis-tie calculation adjustment

2016R2 build 0513
[*] Reports — statement of field acquisition — encoding is broken
[+] In integrated plane window : button Report — «Записать данные кратности в текстовый файл»
[*] In integrated plane window : Scope scale fixed
[*] In integrated plane window : Point colour fixed if the fold > 2 (the colour coincides with the fold = 2); for the fold 3 it was like the fold 1, for 4 like 2 etc.
[=] First version — save the group project like the single one

2016R1 build 0322
[*] the general report is fixed — SPL length was not counted

2016R1 build 0229
[+] storage of data about additional columns in the group project. Checkout of projects with the columns. If the group project is old, all columns are checked out into the project. The change has influence on removal of subprojects, subproject transposition, reading and writing of group projects.

2016R1 build 0223
[*] Opening of «damaged» group projects

2016R1 build 0222
[+] View menu. Show only selected profiles, it is possible to set the visible profiles group for RPL and SPL. Set the diapason or one profile with semicolon. The program reorganises selected profiles adducing crossings and sorting by order.

2016R1 build 0220
[=] Adjustment of CDP point size

2016R1 build 0219
[=] View menu: show only one profile in 2D.
[*] SPS import: bug Access violation fixed, if there are illegal characters in the imported file.

2016R1 build 0112
[+] Lateral graph. Comparison of single panel graphs added . Redesigned interface. Informativeness in status line, bug is fixed


[spoiler title=’The changelog in software versions in 2015′ style=’blue’ collapse_link=’true’]

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2015

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

2015R4 build 1230
[*] Integrated plane — writing to the file and printing (with scale and consolidation of different SP-RP steps)
[*] Visual editing

2015R4 build 1208
[+] Tag for offshore projects

2015R4 build 1006
[*] bin net — binding to the stake (did not work — Incident 000006 )
[=] For text files import (from the communication buffer as well) you can set background study of delimiting characters availability. Delimiting character can be also set (usually it is Tabulation but also can be another one). If the same number of delimiter symbols in strings is available the program balances the data after delimiters replacing the delimiter with spaces so that they begin under each other. If there is different amount of delimiters, it is imported as usual (Tabulation is replaced with spaces so that following symbol will be placed in the position 8 * x + 1)

2015R3 build 0930
[=] While working with HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\GeoSeisControl\Pikeza4 open register read-only

2015R3 build 0915
[=] Not to write new project undo-file to the program folder (it is temporary created in Documents of user)

2015R3 build 0730
[*] azimuth calculation for enterprises — the bug is fixed
[*] X-sps 2.1 import
[*] printing of maps + azimuth (the fold is opaque while printing).

2015R2 build 0729
[*] Bin report of File writing — the encoding is fixed
[*] Profile graph — do not connect the points

2015R2 build 0721
[+] set attribute for RP, SP strings and single ones
[+] tooltip message is shown after attributes setting
[=] Information about stake button is not available while group selecting
[+] possibility to set the distance measurement mode so that the second point is to set obvious by pressing

2015R2 build 0720
[+] assign the attribute — for all types.
[=] possibility not to set the popup box, if the attribute is the same

2015R2 build 0719
[+] text fields into the colour column
[=] group for well. and AO
[+] set attribute for the group

2015R2 build 0714
[=] graphic window status bar: show 2 decimal digits in data on coordinates
[*] group project — chromatic chart was not plot for well bores and AO.
[+] semi-opaque fold
[=] SPS reports: «stake code» field allows to take from additional columns
[+] editing in graphic window: additional function «invert highlighting» — in fact «apply to all stakes that do NOT included into the selected range»
[*] reading from the objects map-maker file
[=] main window -«Turn off the unused RP» function
[=] allow not to write captions to the SPS 2.1 format
[=] separated menu for import SPS 1.0, 2.1

2015R2 build 0624
[*] the bug in the access to Service — Integrated plane fixed

2015R2 build 0617
[+] Offshore projects: profile group creation

015R2 build 0611
[+] Offshore projects: — Project characteristics — set numeration parameters — Column added — stake digital number (you can see its values in captions while selecting one mode) — 2 functions (main window)- set numbers to the stakes and count lineal fold (it can be shown). While calculation of lineal fold you can avoid calculatig stake numbers preliminary.

2015R2 build 0605
[*] column repairs (continuation)
[=] Profile mis-ties — gap consideration.

2015R2 build 0603
[+] Offshore projects: (gaps in latitude, Shift+Mouse, General report, Menu buttons visibility)
[*] Column repairs
[*] Channel commutation

2015R2 build 0511
[*] big (~100Гб) SEGY reading

2015R2 build 0417
[+] Box-and-whiskers diagram
[*] Improvenent sps2.1 (captions did not always be recognised)


[spoiler title=’The changelog in software versions in 2014′ style=’blue’ collapse_link=’true’]

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2014

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

2014R4 build 1126
[*] LOG-file encoding by SPS group import
[*] Mega-project was saved with extension za6
[=] maps for projects are saved with relative (to the project) directories
[=] If the map shift was set, it is restored correctly while uploading the project with map-bases
[=] While saving the project ZA4 communication message about new format is shown

2014R4 build 1113
[=] graph window — bin parameters — show the angle and bin size with 4 decimal digits (DLL)
[=] Show the number of Pikeza version in the caption bar (Pikeza, 2014R4 build 1113).
[=] for za4 projects: the possibility to change the number of decimal digits in the «Columns» context menu of the main window.

2014R4 build 1111
[=] after string and stake numeration steps setting automatically increase (if it is necessary) the number of decimal digits (to simplify and not trigger COLUMNS function)
[=] set numeration steps after region fill
[=] additional checking — in the net and region fill — round off the numeration steps (step*1000) and check for zero
[=] ask number of decimal degits while column establishment
[=] the number of characters for additional columns is increased in settings

[=] new version number format
[!] new file format
[!] new security key

4.12.27 build 0522
[*] Bin report editing (code)
[+] New function. «Bundle» report for selected bin. It is possible to determine all RP-SP pairs for selected bin without azimuths calculation. We draw a net, count the fold, then press the key combination Shift+Alt + LeftMouse like we do for bundle formation. The text file that contains information about RP-SP pairs is created.

4.12.26 build 0519
[*] Part area graph — «Write graphs to the text file» function
[=] cache size for azimuths calculation for enterprises is enhanced


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***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2013

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.12.22 build 1112
[*] Numbers in IBM format convertation is FIXED
[=] calculation in segway format are finished

4.12.21 build 1111
[=] it is possible to create spreads where on the line there are more missed channels than missed stakes
[=] other calculations in segway format are added

4.12.20 build 1108
[=] when the visibility in panel is changed (by profiles or all stakes) setting for the same stake takes place
[=] «Move to the stake» function in menu
[*] edit group — error while stake movement with several explosions
[*] edit group — bar is added to menu

4.12.19 build 1001
[*] encoding in SAVE-file while exporting cartographic feature

4.12.18 build 0626
[+] SegY parameter graph. By clicking on the graph window the information about parameter value at this point pops up.

4.12.16 build 0621
[*] «ALL SPREADS» function worked by reverse pitches inaccurately

4.12.15 build 0603
[*] Temporary file record while mis-tie calculation into the %TEMP% or %TMP% folder
[*] write accurately to the mis-tie file
[*] accuracy in bin net description to 2 decimal spots (dll)

4.12.14 build 0429
[*] image recording to the file writing IP image into the file
[=] if there is lack of availability of resource memory used by maps becomes available

4.12.13 build 0422
[*] scrolling in segway. Now the amount of traces is accurate on the screen.
[*] number of the first trace by moving the thumb is displayed

4.12.12 build 0409
[=] segway acceleration. Separate thread loads trace captons
[=] segway estimation — 3 parameters

4.12.10 build 0327
[*] Thumb into the segway format (33)
[=] Additional SPS captions (35)

4.12.9 build 0301
[*] Thumb while SEGY browsing
[*] SEGY — Ban on sorting in rarefied visibility
[=] Graph SEGY

4.12.8 build 0219
[*] several plag-ins were damaged — internal errors fixing
[*] channel commutation — lost from menu — insert into this place ?
[+] SEG-Y first version of graph implementation

4.12.7 build 0218
[*] import from communication buffer. Last string was ignored
[*] if SPS composition is called in F6 mode (lateral) and «As in a table» is set, for the current panel (RP or SP) it will be possible to write only the current profile to the file (!). Consequently, if «As in a table» is set, profile selection in the dialog (RP or SP, depending on which is current) will be forbidden for the F6 mode (only current In The Table).
[*] SAVE-file format is fixed (we write in 1251)
[*] Map shift bug fixed

4.12.6 build 0215
[=] SPS group import: if mask is inserted into file name, checkbox is automatically set
[*] SPS group import: take correct directory
[*] SPS-X file analysis while import: After overriding of one of the three fields (file, string, SP) that define certain explosion file reparsing occurred.

4.12.5 build 0124
[*] thumb and large SEGY files problem
[*] if the button «Reduce Rarity» is kept pressing, the rarity will reduce rapidly
[*] error in «Select fields for sorting» dialog (3,4,5 — checkmarks)
[*] sorting is accelerated
[=] redraw traveltime graph, timelines, format change immediately, without pressing the button

4.12.4 build 0123
[*] transition from the main to the graphics. The graphics skipped to the top left corner.
[*] file mask in SPS file — checkboxes disappeared
[*] SPS import. Column assignment fixed.

4.12.3 build 0111
[*] Profile graph: the bug fixed — if RP and SP profiles do not coincide

4.12.2 build 0110
[+] scaling in graphics window with mouse wheel
[*] scale-up in graphics window while orthogone drawing

4.12.1 build 0109
[=] profile GRAPH — data display from both panels
[*] calculator keys did not work in Arithmetic window
[+] channel commutation for 2D projects (+ undo), Shooting menu — commutation.
[=] possibility to select extension while SPS import
[=] binding map to project can be made any time in map characteristics window
[=] sorting on On/Off mode of stake


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***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2012

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.11.13 build 1116
[=] fold in mega projects. At the moment 2D projects fold is always displayed in the form of lineal fold — either in subprojects or fold dispaying on the single bin net determined for mega projects
[*] popup boxes size
[*] several problems with Unicode (files import, azimuth calculation)

4.11.12 build 1113
[+] IP removal scale
[+] coordinate transformation

4.11.11 build 1112
[=] highs — stakes and channels absences, in-depth analysis
[*] scaling in integrated plane
[*] general report — density calculation added per sq. km. for 2D projects
[*] changes in availability of graphics window buttons in 2D projects

4.11.8 build 1023
[=] SPS extension
[=] SPS-files group import

4.11.7 build 1018
[=] highs — possibility to skip channels in the beginning
[=] project area (boundaries) recalculation after maps deleting
[*] lineal fold limitations

4.11.6 build 1016
[*] Project comparison fixed : -second window shift; — if other objects (or well bores) are missing, the error appeared in the second project while moving to colour panel

4.11.5 build 1009
[=] Import from segway to project/ Additional fields setting (OPT) in free format
[*] bugs fixed
[=] Debug function added

4.11.3 build 1004
[=] first version of new data import from segway to project (+fixes for XE )

4.11.2 build 0830
[=] Moving to WideChar — wherever there is formatted record to the file (SPS, label,…)
[=] SPS — print caption for 1.0

4.11.1 build 0829
[*] Palette and Clipboard ( because of CHAR size it becomes UNICODE).
[*] help Topics
[*] Correct calculation of perimeter for CS-polygones

4.10.5 build 0130
[=] RP and SP area calculation function


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***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2011

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.10.5 build 0130
[=] RP and SP area calculation function

4.10.4 build 1001
[*] «Highs» algorithm with channels skip fixed

4.10.2 build 0810
[*] RP group shift

4.10.1 build 0803
[=] Checks in the net creation window introduced
[=] After net creation string and stake step initialization is inserted
[+] Button — Split spread (In SP shear to the compensation mode, spread shear to the other side)
[+] Group operation in editing (Group identification shift is possible in RP or SP group shear, in SP group shear spread compensation as well as new mode (split spread) is possible.

4.9.57 build 0509
[=] AGC algorithm added

4.9.56 build 0407
[=] changes in work with 2D reports

4.9.55 build 0404
[*] processing additional high cases, undo realization

4.9.53 build 0318
[*] spread compensation for projects turned by 90° is fixed. (NB: code for projects having a free angle is being fixed )

4.9.52 build 0306
[=] Scrolling in spread window
[=] Call the project with the parameter «project name». Control has been done — this project is already open
[=] SEGY display was remade (without blank screen)
[=] Scrolling ahead is optimised (along the trace and FFID) in SEGY

4.9.51 build 0126
[*] Bug — stakes mark for removal in «Equal RP removal» fixed
[=] Scroll in RP delete panel
[*] Definite time in SPS import


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***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2010

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.9.50 build 1222
[*] Diapason in colored panel
[=] Spread panel — shortcut keys added
[+] Equal RP removal function
[=] SEGY — remember deviations

4.9.48 build 1129
[*] work with additional columns fixed: list, visualisation, captions

4.9.47 build 1027
[*] Error in project record after manipulation with ctrl-N (P) with double shooting

4.9.46 build 0927
[=] In sorting on removal — RP-SP removal is counted in absolute value

4.9.45 build 0922
[*] With large amount of traces overflow while azimuths calculation and data displaying on graphs and diagrams appeared.
[*] There was an error while lateral displaying (F6) with any number of profiles and particular left panel construction mode with profile numbers.
[=] Some SEGY changes (analysis windows) — window colour (by default)

4.9.43 build 0909
[=] Function of filling the polynomial with stakes — UNDO
[=] Beta version (interface) — analysis windows

4.9.42 build 0816
[*] error while reading the project where there are well bores and objects and dependence on the version

4.9.41 build 0816
[=] map management window scales and its size is stored.
[=] full map name is also displayed in tip when you drag the mouse over a non empty string.

4.9.40 build 0812
[+] pilot prototype — filling polygones with the net (without undo)
[!] bug fixed — if the number of columns exceeded 25 all in all — new project format (code 33)

4.9.38 build 0620
[=] Mis-tie is not counted and not displayed for group projects
[=] If a mis-tie is not set — circle is more pallid
[=] Report about a mis-tie and result window were changed

4.9.37 build 0528
[=] Mis-ties file removal while execution of a function «Delete project data»
[=] Mis-ties file copying while execution of a function «Save as…»
[=] Mis-ties printing
[=] Mis-ties displaying while comparison of projects

4.9.36 build 0527
[=] Information about mis-ties is saved in *.NVZ file (recalculating in opening is not necessary)
[=] After mis-ties calculation the window with information is opened.
[=] Circle size is  proportional to the mis-tie size

4.9.35 build 0525
[+] Profile mis-tie — editing (colour and size, caption)
[=] While grid generation ignore the absence of height and width
[*] Integrated plane — error existed when SP step<RP step

4.9.34 build 0517
[*] If the last cell of any Table is active , then add a check when call of GraphWindow by clicking Shift+button; Change call of «Sorting» dialog
[=] In dialog while recording SPS-X file the SPS2.1 checkmark was not ticked. There are file numbers in the table which contain moe than 4 digits.
[=] Graph.window should be opened exactly as it was closed
[=] SEGY: after binding to the project redraw SEGY immediately
[=] Main menu — settings — SPS import — rename a tab into SPS. Add a setting to always write reporting SPS in 2.1 format. By ticking a mark in the SPS record dialog the marks «SPS 2.1» and «write captions» are checked automatically
[*] 2D report: if new SP track is shot (there is no track in SP table) but shooting track RP already exists, new RP in false coordinates are not added into the table end.
[=] SEGY: text into ANSI; byte swapping; different SEG-Y file formats

4.9.33 build 0406
[=] Common report: it is possible to record into Communication buffer instead of printing before bins
[*] Quicksort in table works for the interval as well

4.9.32 build 0327
[*] Work with SEGY-files> 2 Гб

4.9.31 build 0322
[*] highlighting of RP while editing

4.9.30 build 0320
[*] The bug — displaying of breakpoints while the absebce of the coordinates that were saved earlier — is fixed

4.9.29 build 0310
[*] files SEGY are not opened in the program with the size more than 2 GB. «Error: file length» is shown
[=] Unused RP removal in main menu (Shootings)

4.9.27 build 0208
[=] Quicksort in Tables of Main program window algorithm

4.9.26 build 0111
[*] The bug — SP-RP disconnection and Integrated Plane — is fixed

4.9.25 build 0110
[=] INTEGRATED PLANE — points drawing
[=] In captions to the terminal stakes for group projects all subprojects are taken into account
[=] Caption colors coincide with stakes (well bores) colors
[=] Captions to the terminal — captions to all well bores
[=] Captions to the terminal — on the other track side should be up not down
[*] Bug for Maps objects in group projects is fixed

4.9.24 build 0101
[!] Base maps with transparence
[=] SP/RP profile filter for generation of SPS-files in F6 mode
[*] The bug — copy stakes type while creation of mega projects based on the common project — is fixed


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***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2009

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.9.23 build 1106
[*] The bug when the fold was not displayed immediately after calculation fixed

4.9.22 build 1002
[*] While 2D report with reverse RP pitch shooting in split spread the stakes branch was defined inaccurately if there were no more stakes in the branch.

4.9.21 build 0922
[*] Shooting — operator report — do not change data in input window
[=] SPS-X import of bad files
[*] SEGY — current trace

4.9.20 build 0806
[=] Sorting and spread renumbering function in «All shootings» window — sorting om either side, UNDO is added, arrows are set

4.9.19 build 0804
[=] Sorting and spread renumbering function in «All spreads» window. Sorting by columns taking numbers (not text) into account. By sorting by first channel it is sorted by the 1+the last

4.9.18 build 0803
[=] 2D report — report shooting — channel disconnection – it is possible to begin not only from 1

4.9.17 build 0731
[*] «Spread editing» window. «Change» did not work, if the information only about disconnected channels in the spread, which did not have disconnected channels, changed.

4.9.16 build 0731
[*] Error while Int, plane generation if RP step <> 1 (especially< 0)
[=] SEGY — trace muting if there is no coincidence at SP

4.9.15 build 0728
[=] While report creation set the steps by the distance between…

4.9.14 build 0727
[*] Shooting — 2D report = did not work when RP step<0

4.9.13 build 0721
[*] 2D report did not work if RP strings numeration step was not set

4.9.11 build 0701
[*] BIN report (removal and azimuth are correct)
[+] Saving graphs and diagrams in the text file

4.9.9 build 0401
[=] «Integrated plane» window was arranged. The tooltip while scroll-bar movement appeared.
[*] The bug while fold displaying in graph window (2D-3D) fixed
[*] Error while clicking the column caption by import fixed — caption format changed inaccurately while columns merger and partitioning
[*] MMERGE is called instead of LYK
[=] The file with extension .save (project name) is created which information about all project savings including number of objects is written to. If there are any mismatches before recording the project, the program tries to remove them (may be at the expense of data loss) and writes information about the problem to the file
[=] Algorithm of SEGY drawing

4.9.8 build 0302
[*] Errors in azimuth calculation in mega projects

4.9.7 build 0218
[*] Errors in azimuth calculation in mega projects

4.9.6 build 0122
[=] more information about errors while azimuths record to the file
[*] diagram (5th graph) generation on the part of the area is fixed

4.9.6 build 0107
[+] 2D report creation


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***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2008

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.9.3 build 0820
[+] Label printing onto 1 sheet of paper and on a scale.
[=] Possibility to edit the label while printing is added including the group project

4.9.2 build 0813
[*] Discretization interval in SEGY < 1 ms
[=] Label engineering

4.9.0 build 0805
[+] Drag visible areas at SpaceBar + LeftMouse (if not Max View)
[!] VersionInfo for the project — 31 — This project will not open in previous EXE
[=] Accuracy of additional columns is set in program settings

4.8.16 build 0804
[=] CS outlines are visible not only by fold and azimuths
[=] «Delete unused RP» function

4.8.15 build 0801
[=] 32 additional columns
[=] SP in «Colored panel» mode looks as the main view (but is painted)
[=] Well bores and Others are dispayed on the colored panel as well as SP-RP; operating X Y Z are equal for all types and additional columns are unique for their type.
[=] Support of Map-maker Objects on the colored panel

4.8.14 build 0723
[*] List Index Out Of Bounds at attempt of generating SPS-X file when option «Sort order — as in the table» is selected and there are unshot SP
[*] List Index Out Of Bounds if you select shooting for 2D project, set SP manually, click «Cancel» in the spead type selection window
[=] Now cartography panel is displayed in «Colored diagram» window

4.8.13 build 0530
[*] ProMAX 2D import errors fixed, «1 stake analys» is added

4.8.12 build 0529
[=] SEGY trace export

4.8.11 build 0528
[*] ProMAX file import errors fixed
[=] SEGY trace export — interface

4.8.10 build 0527
[=] SEGY: caption descriptions in Russian
[=] SEGY parameters- Parameters: unit amount
[=] Icon in the main menu — SEGY
[=] SEGY: «Apply» button in parameters

4.8.9 build 0523
[*] SEGY — GAIN window is fixed (accuracy of gain ratio)
[*] SEGY — by AGC write Ampl. (AGC) instead of Amplitude in status bar
[=] Отчет «Only double» report in p. «text reports»

4.8.8 build 0519
[=] SEGY: While writing to the additional caption write Pikeza project name in double quotes «…» if there is a space in the name. After the name <RPL> is written if it is set

4.8.7 build 0515
[=] To search in column always open the window by CTRL-F and make input window in focus
[*] Error in SHOOTING mode. If the «Polygone drawing mode» was turned on for SP group selection, function buttons opened by mistake after switching to PV, PVs or Info mode while polygone mode reset
[=] Stake numeration review in edit mode function added

4.8.6 build 0515
[=] ProMAX import — interface changed, column display

4.8.5 build 0513
[=] «Upgrade» button is made in the form of exclamation mark in 3 windows
[=] Memorizing of trace captions — «Setting» dialog
[=] In «Setting» dialog — information about FFID splitter and its colour. Draw the splitter (there isn’t a file with FFID 2 or more)
[=] Synchronization of SEGY with project — rerecord of caption
[=] Possibility to select SPL while synchronization of SEGY with project. If it is set, select FFID

4.8.4 build 0512
[+] ProMAX import
[*] SEGY — error while defining the missed SEGY channels
[=] SEGY — while synchronization write 0 into traces if data cannot be defined (e.g. the channel in project was disconnected)
[=] Shift of traveltime graph (2)

4.8.3 build 0107
[=] Project transformation — calculation at all points with the equal identification


[spoiler title=’The changelog in software versions in 2007.’ style=’blue’ collapse_link=’true’]

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2007

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

4.8.2 build 1227
[*] Import of reports into the project where RP step was not defined: if first stake of the report contains more than one interval in the spread, program calculated RP step inaccurately (difference of stakes was taken from one interval and difference of channels was taken from another one)

4.8.1 build 1224
[*] Cancellation led to the error if it was made after the window with X-import files list was open
[*] Undo error after some import types
[*] If S-import and stake already exist, double explosion will not be produced with absence of coordinates in present stake although it is situated in S-index >1. The coordinates are overlaid.

4.8.0 build 1211
[+] Import of Х-files: the possibility to save and restore columns default
[+] Extraction of the project from the group project (in extracted project there is no additional columns because they were not attached to any project)
[*] Errors in data displaying on the colored panel if additional column of RP panel was selected
[*] error in entering colored panel while «shift» was clicked on if current column was additional and captions to the stakes that show value of selected column have already been set

4.7.58 build 1206
[*] Group project: before generating subproject fold, the presence of 2x files z2d and z2i is checked
[*] Integrated plane — while displaying take into account that there can be big step between stake numbers

4.7.57 build 1204

[*] while checking of possibility to draw the subproject fold for 2d projects check also the presence of lineal fold files (z2d)

[*] while renumeration take into account that project could be created without a grid and number of the first string can be unset. Or the exception may appear (MinFloat * 100)

4.7.56 build 1116

[*] SP-RP coincidence algorithm while building Integrated plane is improved when this coincidence is not set

4.7.56 build 1115

[=] New printing dialog for integrated plane

4.7.54 build 1025

[+] Stake format for common projects (well bores and OO)

[*] Error — arrangement movement by shooting with zero RP step worked inaccurately

4.7.53 build 1018

[*] Error for mega-projects (mega-project caption format was read invalidly)

[=] Possibility to record stake type for common projects (without well bores and OO)

[=] For mega-projects dialog of stake form selection for graph. window does not open

4.7.52 build 1014

[!][+] Mega-projects — providing different stakes for projects that are included into mega-project. Project format was changed, old formats are not maintained.

4.7.51 build 1007

[+] Stake view

4.7.50 build 1001

[+] Change of stake view

4.7.49 build 0926

[=] while project comparison stakes of the second project are converted

[=] in graph window options «View — cartographic features», «View-captions» are turned on by default

4.7.48 build 0924

[=] second project stakes are converted while comparison

4.7.47 build 0924

[=] 50% of both projects is analyzed while comparison of projects

4.7.46 build 0724

[=] restriction on 512 thousand stakes is removed in Main Window Tables

4.7.45 build 0709

[=] Printer settings

[=] ENU-file: full translation

4.7.44 build 0706

[=] New dialogs for printer selection

4.7.42 build 0614 (internal build)

[*] metafile scaling

4.7.41 build 0604

[*] printing in scale — captions

4.7.40 build 0430

[*] scale error while printing in scale

4.7.39 build 0434

[=] map scale drawing as base layer is fixed

4.7.38 build 0423

[*] in projects with divisional steps non- comparison is possible due to inaccurate presentation of decimal numbers. Due to this while shooting two numbers were compared while they had to be equal. If the step is 1,00 or 0.25, 0.5, it is not possible. It is fixed: N=round (D*100);

[*] In SEGY module additional check is made: while defining trace number for particular SP if description number for disconnected traces > number of these descriptions (in project =0), then think that there is no missed traces.

4.7.37 build 0330

[*] SEGY. Traveltime graph drawing before the last visible trace.

[*] SEGY. While file reloading the exception Scroll Bar Property.out of the Range could appear.

4.7.36 build 0330

[*] Error in coordinate transforming (Symmetry while Y=const)

[+] All spreads including unorthogonal spreads (stake angle of slope is taken into account)

[=] While coordinate transforming – symmetry of X, Y + shift X-Y — change angles of slope.

[=] By random coordinate transforming angles of slope and distance are to change.

4.7.35 build 0327

[*] Spelling mistake in realization of 4.7.29 (RPL was taken instead of SPL)

4.7.34 build 0326

[*] UNDO.

[=] SPS-X import (out of the group) — does not stop if profile-stake are incorrect

[*] RP text import – by mistake or in SP line. For RP there are only two choices (in project characteristics) – replace always of replace only without data in the existing project.

4.7.33 build 0323

[*] Accounting the RP profile slope in “All spreads” function. If RP profile slope is not set then SP visualization is impossible.

4.7.32 build 0319

[+] “All spreads” function – visualization.

[*] Operation Ctrl-X worked incorrectly in Line column: all profiles were deleted but the information about stakes with the same numbers was left. I was found out while column replacing.

4.7.31 build 0318

[+]“All spreads” function

4.7.30 build 0228

[+] Possibility to apply the changed existing spread to all SP with this spread and delete the unused one. The UNDO error for this situation was fixed.

4.7.29 build 0227

[+] Possibility to shoot projects where the grid is set (or there is enough data describing the grid) and SP lines are registered only on one line so that the shift is made to the SP lines that coincide with the grid settings. On these conditions this mode is the basic one. If during the work another mode was set (taking additional perforation into account), it will be remembered for the next log on.

[*] SPS 1.0 — “record of file number into columns 8-11” instead of “7-10”

4.7.28 build 0118

[*] Error: previous format SPS— the caption has always been recorded

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

4.7.27 build 1214

[+] Import of SPS 2.1

4.7.26 build 1214

[*] Comparison of projects malfunctioned during the comparison of “bad” stakes (undefined identification)

[*] Input prohibition of arithmetic.

4.7.25 build 1213

[*] Field REEL SPS 2.1

[*] To allow access of SEGY read-only

[*] In the window with extra columns: a) setting for sps 2.1 ; b) correct record into the file

4.7.24 build 1207

[*] Correction of notes in SPS 2.1; standardized captions for previous SPS without loading files

[*] Correction of situation with SEGY viewing

4.7.23 build 1205

[*] SPS 2.1 Formation of SPS-files — correction of notes

4.7.22 build 1204
[+] SPS 2.1 Formation of SPS-files (captions and data)

4.7.21 build 1129
[*] Error while OBS-file detection
[*] do not record turned off SPS — was introduced in 4.7.14 (2)
[*] In SEGY work with AGC was changed

4.7.20 build 1120
[*] Do not switch over from point to comma after screensaver
[*] Drawing of linear fold
[*] Synchronize data in the window with the selected printer in printing dialog

4.7.19 build 1119
[*] Save (unformating) of printer font before (after) printing dialog
[*] Error of correspondence of RP, SP, well, AO buttons

4.7.18 build 1110
[=] Spread edit. The button “add” was replaced by “input”. It input a new row after the current.
[*] «Caption colors»
[=] English translation made by ENU

4.7.17 build 1110
[=] Possibility to set characteristics to captions (in “setting of graphic window” menu) – fond, transparence, background.

4.7.16 build 1109
[*] Building diagram using track. If the value is not defined, for the integral valued (files) the necessary value was considered to be the number (as a minimum 4-byte integer number). It was a mistake. For real numbers the value was replaced by 0. Now for all types either the minimum value is registered or 0 (if it is not defined or it is less than 0) if the values us not defined for the diagram. Besides, all undefined values are spotted on the horizontal axis.
[*] SGY — checks during the work with a floating point.

4.7.15 build 1109
[=] Sorting according to any two characteristics. “Line+Stake” button has changed.
[=] While SP sorting it is possible to set “Sort by the number of explosions”

4.7.14 build 1108
[*] Status of removed but existing stakes was changed to “ordinary”
[*] Improve SPS creation analysis for two explosions. Either the first one or the others can be turned off (and they are not to be recorded). Recording SPS use the pattern: Successiveness as in the chart – record the double at the end. The error while recording of the double was corrected.

[=] During CS load from the file cancel the whole load if something particular is cancelled.
[=] During the recording of one object into a file record it at the end (the file has to have correct format); if the file doesn’t exist, new fil from an object is created

4.7.13 build 1107
[*] On the home screen the last row is marked. Errors in Arithmetic, Interpolation, Sort, Shooting, Find in a column, Edit a spread, Turn on/off stake/explosion, delete a shot, following, previous
[=] Arithmetic. If the values is not defined, it cannot change
[*] Numeration while creation a crooked line: if numeration was set in the project, it cannot be changed in the track creation window (it can be non-integral or <0); if it was not set, you can set any (numeration will be set after the first track creation). If it is necessary to set numeration that will differ from the project numeration, it can be done in project characteristics.
[+] Shift of X-Y is performed with submenu Coordinates
[*] Group project – if a project included in a subproject cannot be seen, stakes don’t have to have captions
[+] Group project — possibility to add captions that belong to the group project but not included in subprojects. When creation and editing we see only group project captions.
[=] Group project — Show cartographic objects and captions only of marked subprojects!
[=] Group project — show object colors by colors in the list
[*] Part area fold graph was written incorrectly (displaced by 1) строился график кратности по части площади

4.7.12 build 1027
[*] Segy — exception processing
[*] Set a point as a separator when all activations
[*] Colors in palettes are edited by default
[*] Save colors in the file when recording diagrams

4.7.10 build 1017
[=] Scrolling SEGY was increased from 50 upto 999
[=] When a projects is switched over from 2D to 3D or vice a versa, fold is checked. If it is present, all fold data is deleted from the cache. If Setting window opens while import or shooting to update steps, project switch over is prohibited.

4.7.9 build 0830
[*] When an integrated plane is set and numeration step is >1, not the whole range will be shown.
[*] While setting an integrated plane, vertical size of a window was incorrect when RP numeration step was not 1.

4.7.8 build 0824
[+] Clear shooting. New menu option and shortcut menu
[*]UNDO did not work for actions before “shift of the double”
[+] Raw-import Sercel as Plug-in

4.7.7 build 0816
[*] Error while work with double explosions

4.7.6 build 0814
[*] Error with Undo while group operations with the line on the panel (move, fill in, delete, paste, arithmetic, interpolation).
[*] Error in calculating azimuths result displaying when the fold is midget
[=] ENU — 100%
[=] The unit to interact with plug-ins is expanded (DLL changes correspondingly), information about language was added

4.7.5 build 0810
[=] BIN net increase when the calculations for the angle reflector are made

4.7.3 build 0809
[=] Azimuths for a Reflector. Warning on the menu panel. Fold format was changed. In the Reflector flat data is recorded as well as in the file with the fold. If the fold was calculated with a reflector, then Warning and Check in the menu are shown. But only when the project opens or the user clicks on the icon to show the fold. If you remove the Check from, fold data is removed as well.
[*] It is prohibited to delete the first row of a spread.

4.7.2 build 0807
[*] Look 4.7.1 p.4 The situation is the same when SPS-files are created

4.7.1 build 0804
[=] Plugin folder name
[=] Fold calculations for Reflector are specified
[*] Plugin “Angle reflector” 1.0.1 (angle degrees-radians)
[*] EditRasst module: channel description check

4.7.0 build 0803
[+] Work with plugins. It is possible to read a list with expansions in the program properties
[+] Angle reflector. New menu option that is shown only when dll is present

4.6.25 build 0731
[*] Error in import from the communication buffer, it was introduced in 4.6.23

4.6.24 build 0713
[=] Specification 4.6.23 — the tabulation in SPS is not possible. If it exists, the message that ts is error appears.

4.6.23 build 0712
[=] Optimization performance in the work with uploaded data. File data that are uploaded in RichEdit to show them, are also recorded into TStringList (LoadedFile).

4.6.22 build 0711
[=] Optimization performance with data uploading during import

4.6.20 build 0607
[*] Re-draw of the window after printing
[*] SEGY. Spotting mode. Error appeared if we zoom in Y and a part that was painted over was on the top (less than one Y calculation)
[=] While SPS-X import it is possible to set columns for REEL-FILE
[=] While SRC text import it is not necessary to set the last profile. If the last stake was set. a spread is to be created, taking into account that the last profile = the first one

4.6.19 build 0522
[*] SEGY: stack return is fixed
[=] SEGY: Sparsity reduction button is shifted to the home panel
[=] SEGY: Possibility in the Settings to save in registry of settings common for all files

4.6.18 build 0519
[=] SEGY: Traveltime graph for records into graph file
[=] SEGY: Possibility to set the amount of traces, in compliance with which scrolling is performed
[=] SEGY: Scrolling cursor sizes are proportioned to the amount of the shown traces and time.

4.6.17 build 0518
[=] Project synchronization dialog was changed in SEGY (profile-stake number only from the SEG project)
[*] Do not respond to ENTER in the column Spread of the last row
[*] UNDO Error in the F6 mode during group operations (anywhere with a possibility to set more than one figure in a column)
[=] Spread window expands vertically according to the number of rows.
[=] Invalid floating point operation is eliminated when area borders are set (due to absence of the stake coordinates)

4.6.16 build 0516
[*] RP was defined incorrectly by Explosion and Trace number in a spread if the spread was not orthogonal. As a result, invalid data was recorded in SEGY.

4.6.15 build 0306
[*] When export is set, a message about absence of polylines appears.
[=] full translation

4.6.14 build 0303
[=] First stage of seismic acquisition system files import. It was reorganized to rule out suspensions; messages about errors are shown after closing the window. Horizontal tab conversion was added to the space pack.

4.6.10 build 0201
[=] Double explosions are taken into account in АРАМ report
[=] АРАМ import — the double are taken into account if they are described in USEPAT.

4.6.9 build 0201
[*] Error in «Save» request, which was included un MDB files, was fixed

4.6.8 build 0127
[*] Coordinates conversion – messages did not displayed on the foreground.
[*] It is necessary to mark the selected group in the report manager.

4.6.7 build 0127
[=] Program name “Coordinate generation” is shown in the menu
[=] Closure of the graphic window. The situation with public edit mode was processed incorrectly.
[!] Information about distance is recorded in the project (for two panels). The project format was changed (28).
[=] Creation of the message that a project created in the new version opens (if project version > program possibilities).
[=] Report manager – remind to save edit data.
[=] Report manager — move on to the next/previous file by ctrl-n/ctrl-p
[*] Area drill registrar (accounting of rejected, approved, missed)
[=] Stake scrolling along the row (ctrl-x = forward, ctrl-z = backwards)

4.6.5 build 0112
[*] Error: Project comparison was not taken into account in register provision
[*] Error: check that coordinates have already been defined before coordinate conversion
[*] Close all modeless windows during another project upload (or a new one opening)
[*] When modeless window opens (comments, Segway, two import types), all information about this window is to be recorded in the Windows menu to shift there.
[*] Minimizing is possible for all modeless window; that is why if these window are called it is possible to recover them in the standard form.
[=] UNDO for numeration steps changing (project properties)
[-] «Save» button in the comment window as the information is now recording directly in the file.
[=] Edit (context) submenu, Fond and Copy-Paste-SelectAll were added
[=] UNDO for setting (changing) a comment file name
[=] Row number in the primary file and the total row number are to show in the status bar after the removal from the comment file (text and special import)
[*] The error for special import was fixed – the borders between SP were defined incorrectly after removal (in status bar the SP number is always shown at current calculating)
[=] Logview — trace improvement

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Version 4.5.37 build 1205

[=] Seismic acquisition system file import: byte-serial analysis while column setting

. Dev-version 4.5.36

[=] On the colored panel additional numerical columns are also displayed

Version 4.5.35 build 1129

[*] Seismic acquisition system file import: check whether zero is to write or not

[*] Text import: check whether all necessary columns are set when last string or last stake import was set. Text import: write zero.

[*] Seismic acquisition system file import: error while removal into a comment

[*] Error of transformation in import

. Dev-version 4.5.34

[*] 1. Bug fixed: in import zero writing/no writing into not necessary column (388)

. Dev-version 4.5.33

[=] Full interpretation

[*] Comment file – error concerning string removal (non-text import)

[=] Import 388 (improved analysis of strings after a caption)

[+] Menu in Integrated pl. and Graphs-diagrams bound with colored panel window are identic to graphic window colored panel.

[*] Error – deleting of a palette

[*] Error – list of palettes was damaged by reboot

. Dev-version 4.5.32

[*] Error in calculation the number of stakes in the polygon. Removed were also calculated but the removed were not worked with and so an error appeared. The removed appeared while re-setting RP grid.

. Dev-version 4.5.31

[+] In palette graph. window:

  • adding the palette in one of two folds while program worked
  • removal of a palette (a file) from the list
  • selection of a palette or refusal of a palette

. Dev-version 4.5.30

[+] Palettes and work with them. It is possible to download the palettes.

. Dev-version 4.5.29

[*][0000009] Color location is fixed for Distance (List Index Out Of Bounds)

. Dev-version 4.5.28 build 1116

[*] It is prohibited to create a column with the name Distance (or rename it), as well as X_old Y_old.

[=] Defection tincture changed

[*] a bug that appeared while column position change fixed

. Dev-version 4.5.27 build 1116

[=] “Distance” function transferred to “Service” menu

[=] Dialog of master value and threshold setting is made. Defections are colored.

. Dev-version 4.5.26 build 1116

[+] “Distance” function in edit menu. If there is no additional column Distance in current panel (Shot or Rec), it is created; if it is text column, it is transformed into numerical one. In Distance column distance between stakes with adjacent numbers is written (it is blank for the first stake). UNDO can return after this function.

[*] If an additional column was the text one and it is transformed into the numerical one (e.g. “Distance” column), it is transformed with an accuracy of two decimal points (default accuracy for add. columns.

[=] New HOT KEYS (Save, Save as, Arithmetic)

[*] Track graph can be called from RP

[=] Write numbers of deleted strings into comment file (options – caption before deleted strings, [xx] before each string) – real string numbers of imported file

[=] Comment file – not necessary open the window – if file name is set, strings are written into comment file while string deleting. If the window is open – they are written not only into a file but also into a window. By editing manually it is saved by clicking or by closing the window, or by writing new data from import window.

[*] Depth and Uphole — while 388 import values = 1 are written

Version 4.5.25 build 1111

[*] Optimization of work with memory by program crash for pik4.exe and P4TRAY.exe modules

Version 4.5.24 build 1110

[=] For all reports: (a) date and import time are added; (b) it is suggested writing he journal not into a fold with import file but into a fold with the project; (c) formatting improvements

[-] QReport is deleted

Version 4.5.23 build 1109

[=] Reports for text file import (and communication buffer). Two types of reports: (a) MS word formated; (b) text file.

Version 4.5.22 build 1108

[*] SPS group import. If it was necessary to send an inquiry + take index into account -> there was a mistake in index number analysis if there have not been explosions yet.

[*]SPS group import. Checkmarks are set after naming the file

[*]SPS group import. Improvement of WORD-report. Checking for Word presence

[-] button of QuickReport displaying

[=] Interpretation

Version 4.5.21 build 1107

  1. Acceleration of inventory of defects due to decrease of number inquiries to DB Access
  1. HASP calls inserted before calculations and reports
  1. Refuse from Quick Report. SPS group import creates Word report. It is slower when there are many strings but it looks better.

Version 4.5.20 build 1102

  1. EMF — right scale did not set before creation
  2. “Add track” function:

— Do not allow errors by adding a point at the end when the first point is not set

— Create the second point taken into account the first point, length and angle=0 if only one point exists and the length is set

— Create the second point taken into account the first point, length and angle=1000 if only one point exists and the angle is set

Version 4.5.19 build 1102

  1. Shooting automatically if stake and/or string numeration step is negative.
  1. Shooting with offset, wizard realization. Channel disconnection as positive and as negative step.
  1. If stake or object color is white (background color), it is considered as there is no background drawn.
  1. Rose-diagram – angles were showed inaccurate

Version 4.5.17 build 1026

  1. SUMMARY — determining the SUM-file
  2. X-import If on the first string there is one channel, then we determine the step by setting in project
  1. 2d — RP and SP setting in wizard. Now the hole in the middle (offset in split spread) and cannel disconnection (hole+channel disconnected) are not ready.

Version 4.5.16 build 1009

  1. SP setting for the shooting with the help of dialog (2D)

2В status-string is displayed

N SP is ready for shooting (selected at all: M)

N SP used to be selected

As there are holes and inactive SP, there will be M again after shift.

Version 4.5.14 build 1005

  1. By switching over the panels in program properties display a status-string for the last two.
  2. Import АRАМ

Version 4.5.13 build 0923

  1. Bar chart. Fold step. Options, bugs
  2. X Y caption rarefication by small scale (both diagrams)

Version 4.5.12 build 0922

[=]Bar chart.

[=] “Graphs and diagrams” options. Do not recount if option changes do not influence current graph

. Dev-version 4.5.11 build 0921

  1. АРАМ — report
  2. Rose — diagrams. Captions, percentage, status-string
  3. Setting for graphs and diagram.

. Dev-version 4.5.10 build 0910

  1. Fold and azimuth calculation if numeration step is negative
  2. Rose — diagrams.
  3. Error — stake number in General report
  4. Printing the captions to stakes by scaling print.

. Dev-version 4.5.9 build 0831

  1. call for defect reports
  2. Well bore and OO name while creation in Editing mode
  3. By clicking MAX button project coordinates are recounted
  4. BIN grid is maximized to capture stakes and editing grid is maximized by stakes, well bores and OO.

. Dev-version 4.5.8 build 0826

  1. Well bore and OO edit — creation.
  2. Scaling after stake and well bore creation in graph. window (edit) – project boundaries and scaling are recount.
  1. BIN-grid and editing grid used to be set by stakes, now well bores and OO are taken into account (otherwise they can be out of boundaries)

. Dev-version 4.5.7 build 0825

  1. Set new project type as 2D-3D. Now by call of program, it is possible to set pik4.exe -2 (open new 2D project) pik4.exe -3 (open new 3D project)
  2. Error “Project may be spoilt” – UNDO worked inaccurately after removal in graph. window  (EDIT)
  3. Well bores and OO editing – possibility to move, delete but not Create

. Dev-version 4.5.6 build 0822

  1. Full transparency of UNDO-ENVC (look at 4.5.5)
  2. Do not try connecting with a Access in UNDO functions. But connect if there is new format
  3. Change format of a report with detailed information about each bin. A tab «Bin report» is created in program settings (parameter duplication to call the report for one bin)
  4. Ctrl+Del the last blank one
  5. Ctrl+Z — cancel

. Dev-version 4.5.5 build 0819

  1. Due to data storage specificity it is necessary to storage information about displayed image change (which inner string in the panel coincides with visible string). Another analysis was added to invisibility of these values in UNDO stack. And if the last action is explosion number visibility change (ENVC), the program will scan stack until it meets another action. Earlier saved ENVC actions were tested by UNDO to be deleted from the stack and ENVC action was displayed in menu if it was the last action. Now the first not-EVNC action is displayed, all ENVC and the first not-ENVC actions are tested while UNDO. But if ENVC action leaded to filling the buffer in IP then the program cannot (for now) go through the stack and find the first not-ENVC action. In this case ENVC will be in menu.
  2. While spread creation restriction on stake sequence is removed by hand.

. Dev-version 4.5.4 build 0818

  1. While parameter opening  if a project name is with plz extension then open as zak, with za2 extension as za3 in Seis2d (all these extensions can be bound as pik4.exe)
  2. The same to the Drop files to caption
  3. Error while making report for bin group. It appeared while function of partial azimuth downloads.

Version 4.5.3 build 0817

  1. Errors in opening of previous projects (before ZAKD in caption) are fixed
  2. Now when Pikeza-3 project is opening, it is possible to open P-1(*.zak), and P-2 (*.ZA2)  ZA1, ZA2 and ZA3 in caption.

Version 4.5.2 build 0817

  1. For Seis2d projects variables necessary for IP construction are initiating. After it is saved in a right way it is possible to construct all IP because all SP-RP with the same number in Seiz2d coincide.
  2. 2d-fold drawing algorithm is improved
  3. SP-RP pair numeration error is fixed (for 2d fold)
  4. Error, when RP-track did not exist in reality but is present in the spread, it was displayed in SP-RP pairs while IP construction, is fixed.
  5. Do not construct IP when track length is zero (stakes with same coordinates) – message added
  6. error – IP re-recording for new SP-RP pair

Version 4.5.1 build 0816

  1. Opening of Pikeza-3 projects.
  2. Opening of Seis2d projects
  3. Error. File number was generated inaccurately while shooting if there are shootings in this project.

Version 4.5.0 build 0815

  1. MDB -New format. Creation of MDB-file by special handlings, pattern is not necessary.
  2. Error. By SaveAs Connection was not rebuilt for new mdb-file
  3. Realisation of UNDO for MDB actions. Information restoring in MDB-file after explosion removal and reconstruction, spread change after many different operations.
  4. While saving the project from MDB file information necessary for MDB-UNDO is deleted and only the last one is displayed.
  5. After SaveAs or rejection to save information from MDB file that is necessary to MDB-UNDO is deleted and information that was saved for each explosion before opening the project is saved now.
  6. Add a project – function is changed in mdb combination. Now throwback to MDB is possible.

Version 4.4.16 build 0728

[*] Undo for captions

[*] Full interpretation


Version 4.4.15 build 0727

[=] Call of connect to mdb is updated. Default database is not necessary to write.

[=] Change of caption characteristics — binding comboBox is in the grid now.

[=] Draw binding point for captions in cart. object mode.

Version 4.4.13 build 0726

[=] Button “Fold” is disabled for subprojects (group project) if not a single fold file exists.

[=] Terminology: There was MEGA-PROJECT somewhere in the messages. Change it for group.

[=] If a C-Object already exists in the file, do not write it at the end.

[=] Caption recording to the file of C-Objects (option in menu) and reading. Cartograph.Objects class cannot be named _Label_. Possibility to change caption binding type added (caption edit window re-made).

[=] Work with captions was changed for use of TCollection

[*] Errors connected with caption removal fixed.

Version 4.4.12 build 0722

[=] SEGY view. First trace display algorithm while line scrolling improved. Now a valid trace number is displayed after cursor stopped.

[=] In viewing window coordinates are displayed while cursor moves. These are coordinates that coincide with the point where cursor stops (X and Y).

[=] While selecting the viewing window use working area size, not the full window for ladscape or portrait print

Version 4.4.11 build 0720

[=] In maximum view mode do not display ScrollBars (apart from comparison mode)

Version 4.4.10 build 0718

[*] While call of the project by double clicking with extension .za3.za3 it was defined inaccurately.

[=] Possibility to Drag and Drop a project file (za4 za3) for major form (if there are several files, then the first one is selected)

Version 4.4.9 build 0713

[*] Error while download of Pikeza-3 project in the window, where mega-project was open

Version 4.4.8 build 0712

[*] Error is bound with adding mega-projects to the list of the last projects.

[+] Functions to work with HASP HL for PIK4 are added

Version 4.4.7 build 0707

[=] Small cosmetic changes in work with register

Version 4.4.6 build 0701

[=] In simple arithmetical operations you can use operand with the sign (in difficult operations brackets were used)

[*] Invalid saving of projects with add. columns and deleted strings

Version 4.4.5 build 0630

[=] Translation of hints

[=] For Russian menu possibility “Work with keyboard” is provided, now there are underlined letters in all points of menu

(F10 — and then click on underlined letters after switching on Russian layout)

[*] Shift+Mouse error in mega project – mega project was defined incorrectly before saving

[*] Error while saving of mega project data

Version 4.4.4 build 0629

[=] Search in the column: Hot keys Ctrl-f (whole column), Сtrl-G (down), Ctrl-Shift-G (up) are inserted. If there is no search in this panel or it was in different column, the dialog window opens (while call through hot keys search view is set immediately). If search in current column was the last one in the current panel and function was called with the help of hot key, search is called immediately, without the dialog.

Version 4.4.3 build 0628

[*] Errors in deleting of the panel with add. columns

[=] Acceleration of panel deleting. Now objects deleting is faster because of special period insertion.

[*] Error while deleting captions on the map. Change of work with captions, operation can be cancelled before closing the dialog. Editing of captions coordinates.

Version 4.4.2 build 0623

[*] Bug in storage of mega projects format fixed (it appeared when there were blank panels)

[*] Information about numbers of well bores and other objects was recorded into the file inaccurately (in mega projects that were created in other versions number of well bores and other objects in the main window was displayed inaccurately).

[*] Error in stakes deleting. By UNDO data in memory was spoilt after the project was added – If other project was re-uploaded, the error appeared.

Version 4.4.1 build 0617

[=] movements at tabulation so that focus changes from the left to the right, from the bottom to top but not moves chaotically (including DLL).

[=] Window “Project characteristics” closes by clicking ESC

Version 4.4.0 build 0612

[*] panel cleaning while restart of new project is done accurately

[+] Work with memory is optimized for overcoming the restrictions of 160 mln traces for azimuths calculation:

— if memory for az-rem is lacking (>160 mln), then calculation is made by several steps (their number depends on the highest part of memory accessible). This situation can be seen while calculation: Azimuth calculation (1 of 3) => etc. Several steps with recording into the file are made. File structure is the same as while one step. If all data for SP (CDP) are in the selected area, then by the next step this SP should not be analyzed.

— by following work the highest part of memory and swopping there are selected,

— by displaying az-rem, CDP, beam – only necessary part of all azimuths is downloaded and you can cancel the download. If too many az-rem and CDP are shown (more than the highest part of memory), only the ones that were downloaded are shown. So while displaying both the beam and az-rem or CDP beam can be unshown if az-rem-CDP require too much. While displaying the beam (without az-rem-CDP), it is always displayed.

— report about bins (beams) (azimuths-removal) is done

— functions are taken into account ( + comparison) — before construction of a graph look though the whole file or required area

— taken into account in the BIN-report

— while setting a function or a report drawing process closes (if azimuths, CDP, beam were set in drawing, then the function can restart azimuths-removal and the drawing will be failed) and after performing functions returns back.

[=] Possibility to abort construction of the graph (az-rem) and report about beams

[=] In current session viewing parameters in graph. window are saved:

— visibility of RP-SP-Well bores-AO

— scale at axles

— updating by clicking

— visibility of captions,

— coincident

— all visibility buttons in “View” submenu

— window location and size, colored panel width

— display area

— bin net, fold, azimuths, beams.

While closing window everything that was done in some regimes (shooting, edit etc) is not remembered.

Version 4.3.26 build 0520

[*] Inaccurate work with search in column with non-numerical data

[*] By displaying of data about well bores and other objects X-Y-Z were not displayed by clicking Shift+mouse.

[=] In the same window (p.2) object well bore name is highlighted by Hint because can be bigger than the window

Version 4.3.25 build 0512

[*] Calculation of interference of polygon with visibility orthogone.

[=] Coding of ebcdic into segy. Sometimes problems with Russian names existed.

[=] SEG view. Prohibition to call window upload function before uploading new file.

Version 4.3.24 build 0511

[*] By tracks and strings drawing you should define points of interference with the orthogone (visible area) first and then draw.

[=] Attempt of restoring the project

[=] Debugging message inserted (Internal error) if number of visible and double stakes with inner ones does not coincide.

[*] Project added (by adding same RP they were not removed from the panel)

[*] UNDO for project adding. Now it works at group removal branch (faster)

Version 4.3.23 build 0504

[*] Leave project in group selected after rearrangement


[*] Error in renumeration fixed – (work with the accuracy 0.01), show by cursor as it is time-consuming operation

[*] While building colored panel and calculation of MIN and MAX removed stakes were taken into account wrong. Color panel was built accurately only after the project had been saved.

[*] By UNDO call from colored view you should upgrade colored panel because values beyond colored panel restrictions can appear.

[*] By UNDO call from the graph. window a cursor is to change because it is a long operation

[*] In Double->Coincident operation an error existed

Version 4.3.22 build 0503

[*] Sorting according to percentage of completion

[=] Shooting with RP negative step

[=] SEG-Y — binding on another field. Two binding types in SEG-Y.

Version 4.3.21 build 0429

[*] If RP numeration step is <0, then arrangement were not shown but now they are; possibility to move while shooting planning; shooting manually or automatically.

[=] SEGY-Project binding type choice. (2 possibilities).

Version 4.3.20 build 0427

[=] Processing of incorrect data while import. If output was set in dialog, now while output to dialog you can set that following errors are to process the same way.

Version 4.3.19 build 0426

[=] 4.3.18 was implemented not only for text import

[=] 2-coincident and other way. Change the cursor (sandglass) during operations.

Version 4.3.18 build 0425

[=] Into dialog form during import information about string number was added (text import)

[=] If in sequence overlapping mode it was found out that all explosions had already been done (more data in file than in project), then text “Data sequence is more than in project” appears in dialog. Use can take an action manually and continue.

Version 4.3.17 build 0424

[=] To 64 projects in mega project

[=] Checkmark “Continuous overlapping on the double” appeared in dialog during the import (when one double stake already exists for imported stake). This situation is processed for text file import, file-seismic acquisition system and dialog X-SPS import, group (S and X) import or SPS-S import. “Do NOT take index into account” should be set (except the text one).

Version 4.3.16 build 0422

[=] By search of a number in column it is transformed into the format of particular columns and then searches full-coincident strings. After a number is found the column is set as the current.

[*] Search in column error (of other column and search of the nearest are chosen in the dialog)

[*] If after file download is found out that it contain one or two strings, it may contain line separators – CR. After this other function is used (but in this case analysis for tabulation is not processed)

[*] In DLL — transfer to string while import function (by number in the file). Error appeared if number is >999. функция переход к строке (по номеру в файле) при импорте. Ошибка если номер > 999 System function divides every three characters (by space) if you click Up-Down. Now the program takes it into account.

[*] By SPS-x import if there is “Ask a question” in characteristics, this question and question “Create the double” will not be asked after output to the dialog and settings because the program thinks that the double will be created always if there was an explosion.

[*] Error in SPS(R/S) import. String length cannot be <33

[*] SPS-Explosion import error. While import with several explosions on a stake, index was analyzed incorrectly. Now stat and depth are written correct in this situation (checkmark “Do NOT take into account index on the sps-file group call” is absent). If all stakes have almost same coordinates (and the difference is in the project setting) then there won’t be any problems.

[=] Realization of explosion number is in a dialog while import. If there are several explosions in the stake, you can change explosion number.

[*] By text import to the existed double explosion program did not open the Dialog if the import mode “Change” or “Add” was in.

Version 4.3.15 build 0403

[*] HCN dependences for information file call from the program were upgraded.

[=] Search error in blank table.

Version 4.3.14 build 0330

[*] Errors in SEGY by processing the recording into or from the project appeared. If processing is set and SP is not found for current trace, it was missed. By sorting first trace number was not set. The last trace was never endorsed.

[=] Move to another or previous file (FFID) in SEGY

[=] While forming without GSC stanza suggest writing *.sgy, or in stanza —  *.sg4 by default.

Version 4.3.13 build 0329

[*] SP and RP were mixed up (size change while display)

[*] Project addition – error while realization mega-projects, both functions (adding of project data and addition to mega project are being done the same way first) added.

[*] error in memory selection for SEGY (appeared after repeated window size change)

[+] Drawing of SEG-Y in the custom-size picture

[+] Do not write GeoSeisControl stanza.

Version 4.3.12 build 0325

[*] Well bore and other objects names were not recoded while P-3 project opening.

[*] Error in entering the polygone (while working with area border) if it is situated on the border.

[=] If the mistake in project is found while opening the project automatically, second-to-last in list of last opens. If project is absent (deleted), the situation is the same. If there are no projects in the list of last, then a new one opens. Messages are displayed when the setting “Open the last one” was set.

[=] Possibilities to draw a measuring rule while printing axes that have equal scale.

Version 4.3.11 build 0322

[*] If there is lack of memory on the disc while recording azimuths, a message is displayed and a file is deleted.

[=] If recording azimuths into the file or azimuth drawing is in process while storage deallocation from azimuths, wait (synchronization).

[*] Error in downloading the fold-azimuths data from the file (if bin-parameters were changed)

[=] Now while SN388(488) import it is possible to set two add. columns (Uphole, Depth). If there is nothing to select in the window, after clicking “Set” setting is cancelled.

[*] Import errors: In SN388 first string with data was missed by analysis.

[*] Error while import of column at the end of the string.

Version 4.3.10 build 0317

[*] While restart of a project stack UNDO was not cleaned.

[=] Completion percentage while sorting in the table is added.

[*] ТМН 17 = list of the last won’t contain equal file written by different way (capital/small letters)

[*] While recording an image into a file (graphWindow) an error exists – it is necessary to scale according to set image size.

Version 4.3.9 build 0316

[=] Graphs for comparison mode (two projects in the one image)

[=] Area graphs were not drawn if there was not reference for fold/azimuths; while area scaling in graph. window old algorithm was used in the moment of bin setting; number of bins or traces in status string. Now the diapason includes borders.

[*] displayed area of graph. window was not changed after quitting this mode.

[*] incorrect tetragon was drawn if you clicked and released it of several times.

[*] 100%-ENU

Version 4.3.8 build 0315

[=] For common report it is necessary to download information from the fold file (due to trace number)

[=] Decrease number of upgrades while turning on/off the visibility of SP-RP-well bores-other.

[=] Button for “Area borders” added. By clicking the whole border is deleted and it is possible to draw a new one. If there was no border, it begins when you click this button.

[=] If buttons (border, CF, CF outline, captions) were pressed, it is displayed immediately in comparison mode.

[*] Border in comparison mode was not displayed.

[=] Common report for comparison mode

[=] BIN report for comparison mode

Version 4.3.7 build 0313

[*] In the blank project error appeared (now fixed) while track creation if area coordinates were set clearly

[*] Area fold for 2D was calculated incorrect.

[*] Comparison. Displaying of 2D lineal fold and move from the areal to lineal fold mode and back did not work.

[=] Azimuths in comparison mode: different variants whether azimuths have already been displayed or not etc.

[=] Azimuths removal in comparison mode for both projects

Version 4.3.6 build 0309

[=] segy: Possibility to cancel sorting

[=] segy: Percentage while sorting

[=] segy: Sorting — two parameters and its sequence change

Version 4.3.5 build 0304

[=] For SEG sorting opened project is not required

[=] Icons on the main window

[=] Scrolling in window with compared project

[=] Display of non-coincident stakes by different colors in the main window

[=] Synchronization of arrangement images (both sides)

[=] Opening the window while entering comparison mode

Version 4.3.3 build 0224

[=] Project comparison, buttons are remade. Two buttons mean two modes with common scale

[=] In the second project it is possible to select a stake and scale it.

[=] If you select non-coincident stake in the second project and then another one, then color of selected one will be color of non-coincident one.

[=] In colored panel mode write a value that coincide with the color in the status string of the second project while stake selection. And vice versa.

[=] SEGY two buttons (Sorting and help- if there is no НСN) — sorting has not worked yet

Version 4.3.2 build 0221

[=] It is prohibited to close both windows while drawing. “Upgrade” button for the second project

[=] Cancellation of CDP drawing by clicking ESC. Cancellation of hints while drawing to escape repaints.

Version 4.3.1 build 0217

[=] Pointers and captions for CT.

  1. Project comparison:

— all types are coincide

— bin and fold

— colored panel — the different way

— define which orientation is better – vertical or horizontal — automatically

  1. New button in graph. window by clicking which nothing is upgraded

Version 4.3.0 build 0217

16.02.2005 [+] Comparison of projects: distance and angles; current stakes, function limit, GraphWindow panel movement limit (left-right-down – prohibited); two points at comparison of projects: status-string in the compared; align the shift set to coincident

Version 4.2.19 build 0216

16.02.2005 [*] If stakes cannot be seen while matching to the grid, error appeared. After first matching new matching is to begin where previous matching ends.

15.02.2005 [=] Lightning of “Identification on string” button

15.02.2005 [=] When you enter Binding mode, other functions are closed

14.02.2005 [=] When you enter cartographic features, edit, shooting or binding, fold, azimuths, bin, CDP, beams are to remove.

14.02.2005 [*] Error by BIN-UNDO (after bindings)

14.02.2005 [=] Comparison of projects: change of window size, check of opportunity to compare projects (if less than half of stakes does not correspond, there will be no comparison), shift is calculated at compared (averaged), scale synchronization. Move to the color mode and back. Fold, azimuths, CDP and beams are blocked. Development of all colored panel modes, size and stake colors, captions, stakes visibility.

Version 4.2.18 build 0211

11.02.2005 [=] Project characteristics: for NOTATGrid project you can set angles of slope and distance between strings and stakes

11.02.2005 [*] if there is not stake panels in the project, Silence all this buttons (error otherwise)

11.02.2005 [*] do not open Shooting until three numeration steps and angles of slope are set (if a grid exists, set it there)

11.02.2005 [=] Set grids: In the grid window angle is offered if it was set by hands or by grid

10.02.2005 [=] Opportunity to match grid point to the stake (BINgrid and EDITGrid)

10.02.2005 [=] in matching to the point mode editing grid is displayed (for the convenience), bin-grid can be set by button

10.02.2005 [=] identification change: if the user sets six parameters for panel by hands (RP numeration step, RPL, Rust between strings, Rust between stakes, strings slope, stakes slope) and then selects matching the grid point to stake (RP!) mode, stakes identification change is possible for RP. User is responsible for everything, e.g. identification change corresponds to the shift for the stake which angle is matched to.

10.02.2005 [=] If “Redraw immediately” is not selected automatically, do not redraw it for all color panel functions and vice versa.

10.02.2005 [=] Comparison of projects (GraphWindow-functions), possibility to open only the second project yet, synchronization, closing.

Version 4.2.17 build 0209

09.02.2005 [=] Breakpoint stake display. In GraphWindow: Settings-colors-BP, Settings-Distance-View-BP.

09.02.2005 [*] If fold step on graphic  > 1, draw a string on the left

Version 4.2.16 build 0208

08.02.2005 [*] If Shift is pressed while moving to GraphWindow, caption below the current stake in the table stays (no matter whether GraphWindow was closed or open).

08.02.2005 [=] ChangeIndentif and Compensation buttons activity depends on stakes and objects types

08.02.2005 [=] Before closing GraphWindow calculation should be finished. Otherwise the message is displayed and window will not be closed. This situation can appear while drawing the fold, azimuths and removals. But in this case the window won’t be closed (without messages).

08.02.2005 [=] First step of “Creation of breakpoint” function (“Service” menu). Columns X_old Y_old are created (if they are absent) on two panels. They are filled from X — Y. Creation of this columns be hands is prohibited and removal is allowed. UNDO works.

Version 4.2.15 build 0207

07.02.2005 [=] IEEE (5) and GAIN (4) SEG-Y formats processing

07.02.2005 [=]  In Seg parameters possibility to reduce is added добавлена возможность уменьшать разреженность.

07.02.2005 [=]  On the same editing session editing grid can be reduced.

07.02.2005 [*]  error in Graph. editing mode – now you can change identification only for projects with 3d grid

07.02.2005 [*]  Buttons in editing mode are new, buttons status errors are fixed

Version 4.2.14 build 0206

06.02.2005 [=] Azimuth calculation (a little faster) and settings (redraw immediately).

06.02.2005 [=] Track creation mode. You can stop and change scale by right mouse clicking and then continue drawing.

06.02.2005 [=] SEG-Y instead of printing – record the image into the file

06.02.2005 [=] SEG-Y — acceleration for UNDO

06.02.2005 [=] Synchronization of SEG-project. Take into account that there can be changes in this section in the project and that there was only record into SEG (not UNDO) while synchronization

06.02.2005 [=] By creation and displaying of CartFeature (CF) characteristics area is shown in status string and the amount of SP-RP (by displaying only) that are included into the object. From “CF list” window you can create “Report with CF list” (including the area and number of stakes)

Version 4.2.13 build 0204

03.02.2005 [=]By creation and displaying of CartFeature (CF) characteristics area is shown in status string and the amount of SP-RP (by displaying only) that are included into the object. From “CF list” window you can create “Report with CF list” (including the area and number of stakes)

03.02.2005 [=] All azimuth calculation algorithms with mediate ZFA file are removed

Version 4.2.12 build 0202

02.02.2005 [=] “Remove azimuths and removals from IP” button.

02.02.2005 [=] With SEG with ProjectB synchronization check matching time is also stored. If after matching something is changed in the project, warning about desynchronization is shown while opening SEG.

02.02.2005 [=] In SEG message about opening SG4 (if it is being open by unknown project), information about matching (with file name) in “Matching for SG4” window, file types in Opening dialog are changed

02.02.2005 [=] SP-RP numbers (not coordinates) search is added into report on Beam on one bin. It is set in the window. If the option “Report with SP-RP numbers” is set, the program searches in SP and RP coordinates and prints pairs of SP-RP for bin set, not the coordinates that are calculated with CDP.

02.02.2005 [=] Bow conditions for Beam will act only for one bin if you don’t click on “Change settings” but click on “Change checkmarks”.

Version 4.2.11 build 0201

01.02.2005 [=] While lack of memory in SEG-Y, IP building, Track graphic, Mark, Huge import requests memory is released and Graphic window is closed if azimuths-removals were uploaded.

01.02.2005 [*]F6 mode error. More than 65535 stakes were not foreseen.

Version 4.2.10 build 0131

31.01.2005 [*] Last algorithm fold calculation error is fixed. This algorithm is prolonged for mega-projects and azimuth calculation.

31.01.2005 [=] Massage about lack of memory changed

Version 4.2.9 build 0130

30.01.2005 [=] From this version on number of traces has also been saved in fold file (without changing ZF_ format). Number of traces is displayed in general report.

30.01.2005 [=] fold calculation acceleration at stake search point on the second and next spread strings.

30.01.2005 [=] Algorithms transferred for mega-project fold calculation

Version 4.2.7 build 0129

29.01.2005 [=]fold calculation acceleration

Version 4.2.6 build 0127

27.01.2005 [*] Statics

Version 4.2.5 build 0125

25.01.2005 [*] If there are >99999 stakes on the panel, expand width of first column

25.01.2005 [=] Autoshooting acceleration

25.01.2005 [=] In autoshooting mode you can click “Cancel” button also in the “Accelerate” mode

25.01.2005 [=] In autoshooting “Accelerate” mode shooting sequence can be seen and visibility scale can be changed to look at shooting

Version 4.2.3 build 0123

23.01.2005 [*] After group removal track stake list tables were built inaccurately. It led to TMN050116. Error was set by group removals acceleration.

Version 4.2.2 build 0122

22.01.2005 [*] TMN050105,

22.01.2005 [*] TMN050106 In “Project area” window check “Taken bin grid into account” was added (in projects till 4.2.2 – YES by default)

22.01.2005 [*] TMN050108.

Version 4.2.1 build 0121

20.01.2005 [=] errors and suggestions TMN050109-TMN050113

20.01.2005 [=] functionality of “View” button in the “Track coordinates table” is provided

20.01.2005 [=] TMN050114 — functions of binding to the ben grid are corrected

Version 4.2.0 build 0120

20.01.2005 [=] Processing of additional columns in Project <-> SEG

20.01.2005 [=] Per cent of accomplishing in status-string while synchronization Project <-> SEG

20.01.2005 [=] Realization of UNDO for SEG->project

19.01.2005 [=] Don’t analyze distance between stakes while text file import if the number between points in “Distance” is >=100. In this case equality SP+L is enough for coincidence.

19.01.2005 [+] Memory for azimuths management, possibility to build it from several parts (this change requires recalculate all azimuths)

19.01.2005 [=] Error while grid strings displaying angle-wise (from angle to angle)

19.01.2005 [=] By clicking on CDP Beam was not displayed

18.01.2005 [=] While entering SEG-Y captions selection window those which were selected before displayed inaccurately

18.01.2005 [*] If program option “Show message while closing the window” was set, the program always saved project even when there was no changes in UNDO stack.

17.01.2005 [=] In bin setting window select X-Y bin for beam (before this there was 0 and 0)

Version 4.1.4 build 0115

15.01.2005 [+] Work with SEGY

11.01.2005 [*] Possibility to use memory while azimuth and removal calculation is expanded (error “lack of memory”)

10.01.2005 [=] SEGY: segy record. Stanza p4.

08.01.2005 [=] SEGY: options of connection with P-4 project.

08.01.2005 [=] SEGY: scrolling.

08.01.2005 [*] SEGY: remembering current parameters values.

07.01.2005 [=] SEGY: work of button “change scale to see the whole file”

07.01.2005 [*] SEGY: error in trace drawing in the right ошибка прорисовки трасс в правой части экрана.

07.01.2005 [=] SEGY: visualization — fill positive.

07.01.2005 [*] SEGY: determination of trace captions after the first.

06.01.2005 [=] SEGY: re-scaling.

24.12.2004 [=] Dialog of adding LYM map transferred from dll to exe.

18.12.2004 [+] SEG-Y  Outer window view. Files captions reading. Transfer to new window from “Service”.

***To get the distribution of the last program version please contact us by using the form on the «Contacts» webpage

Pikeza. Changelog in version 2004

[+] — new function added
[=] — cosmetic changes
[*] — function correction
[-] — function deleted from the program
[!] — Breaking changes

18.12.2004 [+] SEG-Y window public facade. File captions reading. Link from Service to the new window.

Pikeza version 4.01 RC22 build 1218

18.12.2004 [=] Import: do not pay attention on the blank strings in СПС-Х. SN 388 SN 488 are also acceptable in SN388 (with space)

Pikeza version  4.01 RC21 build 1215

15.12.2004 [*] LYM download. Error. If both LYM-file and Graph.file belong to the same directory and it is not current, it is necessary to add a path while downloading the graph.file (in LYM file name is written without path). If it is absent (deleted), message should be sent.

15.12.2004 [*] If LYK-LYM is not found, message is shown.

15.12.2004 [*] Printing error on a scale fixed.

Pikeza version 4.01 RC20 build 1214

14.12.2004 [=] Full interpretation

14.12.2004 [*] Bug appeared with RC17 fixed (P3 reading if there are too much 2nd).

14.12.2004 [=] Splitting of the double ones into the coincidental ones is made.

Pikeza version 4.01 RC19 build 1214

14.12.2004 [*] <000008, 000009> Call of Printer-Setup dialog – two reports, graphs and graph.window (copy of the window)

14.12.2004 [=] Another one page – options of the “For import” program (how many strings are to check, how many of them are to write to the report, File number generation permit). 14.12.2004 [=] Checkmark “Do not record data about optional fields” was deleted (it was in group import

14.12.2004 [=] Import SPS was changed pursuant to p.2 + blank strings skip in X-SPS files while import in group of files

Pikeza version 4.01 RC18 build 1213

13.12.2004 [*]HELP call

13.12.2004 [*] Do not open CS list if they are absent

13.12.2004 [*] If there is no CS, you should check first and not click on the function

13.12.2004 [*] If CS download from the file was cancelled, correct message is shown

13.12.2004 [=] Change 71 to — 65 (R and S) and 79 (X) — it is a minimum allowed string length while SPS import

Pikeza version 4.01 RC17 build 1212

12.12.2004 [=] Not more than nine double explosions for the same stake. If there are more explosions than nine while import from P-3, then the next stake etc. More tests necessary.

12.12.2004 [*] Double explosions in color were displayed invalidly

12.12.2004 [=] In graph. window — Shift+Click — was no space for files list (if there are a lot of explosions) – now list is highlighted with movement было мало места для списка файлов (если много взрывов) — теперь при наведении курсора дается подсветка этого списка

12.12.2004 [*] Invalid “Profiles grid” function call while editing

12.12.2004 [*] Reading of Pikeza-3 files (error with coordinates of two explosions fixed) In P-3 coordinates should be taken from the main explosion and it was possible that they did not coincide sometimes

Pikeza version 4.01 RC16 build 1209

09.12.2004 [*]Help errors + 152 HCN

09.12.2004 [*] Processing of “Blank communication buffer” situation while import

09.12.2004 [=] SPS-S are recorded and are not shot

09.12.2004 [=][!]  Brick and not brick — save movement intervals in the project (new project format is 20, 19 is also supported)

09.12.2004 [+] Movement and Shooting in “Brick” spread

Pikeza version 4.01 RC15 build 1206

06.12.2004 [*] Bug — checkbox “Consider additional perforation” was lighted up invalidly (the other way around)  while planning fixed

06.12.2004 [=] Synchronization: when you open the additional mode (Additional perforation, Edit …) “Profiles grid” window should be closed. When you pass on to the main window you should close additional mode if it is open.

06.12.2004 [+] For Brick:    -Alternative spread — way through PI can be unset; -Insert SP into PI calculation (as current PI is set as the last marked SP and if the mark is deleted then as second to the last SP) – In status string information about SP in the PI is displayed.

06.12.2004 [=] Instead of “Shooting automatically” window – menu string

06.12.2004 [=] P3 projects as well as p4 projects can be set as a parameter (the program defines project format depending on the extension)

Pikeza version 4.01 RC14 build 1202

02.12.2004 [=] For acceleration of group removal new mechanism was set. It is used for building grid with “Removal” and removal by polygon (group)

02.12.2004 [*] Bug in F6 mode, when whole tracks are deleted (e.g. group removal) is fixing

02.12.2004 [=] While recording parameters into the register, consider them as parameters by default so in the current session use this data to create new projects.

02.12.2004 [*] “Panel adding” appeared in new projects and in UNDO list of P-3.

02.12.2004 [*] If in the window in F6 mode P-3, new project or other project is downloaded, you should turn F6 mode off first

01.12.2004 [=] 6. Translation about “Brick” spread is added

Pikeza version 4.01 RC13 build 1130

30.11.2004 [+] Interface of “Brick” setting

Pikeza version 4.01 RC12 build 1129

29.11.2004 [=] Dialog of script-report setting was changed and possibility of data selection and its sequence appeared.

29.11.2004 [*] Error of data selection for SPS reports is fixed (SP were selected invalidly when restrictions on strings-stakes were set)

29.11.2004 [*] Help — buttons were almost everywhere like help. ThelpRouter did not catch clicking on them. DDL created recording of one parameter into all functions to show Help

29.11.2004 [*] key in RootDir register is made for defining the directory set. It is used as a link to Help.

29.11.2004 [*] Do not set 2d-3d buttons on the main window panel for new projects that are created using parameters for creation new projects

29.11.2004 [=] Three buttons added to the main window panel

29.11.2004 [=] Interface of the Brick spread setting (without creation)

Pikeza version 4.01 RC11 build 1126

26.11.2004 [*] New track when there is no coordinates\mistakes do not appear

Pikeza version 4.01 RC10 build 1126

26.11.2004 [*] While clicking “String” (shooting) an error could appear (component works invalidly)

26.11.2004 [*] While spread movement mistake could appear if the stake coordinates were not set yet and they were selected.

Pikeza version 4.01 RC08 build 1125

26.11.2004 [*] Translation. There is not a single known Russian text.

26.11.2004 [*] 2d fold — taken into account that SP can be turned off while fold calculation

26.11.2004 [*] While spread planning it was taken into account that moving of RP\RPL by zero can be set.


Distribution from 15.11.2004. launched as «Pikeza version 4.01 RC07 build 1115″


14.10.2004 [*] Group projects

13.10.2004 [*] Changes in defense algorithm

12.10.2004 [*] Captions to non-existent stakes

12.10.2004 [*] Error while working with communication buffer in coordinate transformation

06.10.2004 [=] Import windows: new pictograms

05.10.2004 [=] Saving/restoration of azimuths and removal target value

30.09.2004 [+] Group project.

29.09.2004 [!] Changes in calculation algorithms. Speed increase.

27.09.2004 [=] New fold calculation algorithm. It is used only in “Fold and azimuths calculation” menu yet.

24.09.2004 [=] draw SP-RP beam for the bin. Azimuths calculation, Shift+Alt+LeftMouse

22.09.2004 [=] Report on BIN

21.09.2004 [=] zf2     areal 2d project fold— (zip)

21.09.2004 [*] BIN grid was drawn inaccurately when при большом увеличении

21.09.2004 [=] The window “Delete project” was changed

21.09.2004 [+] Types of fold and azimuth project files were changed. Recording is made in one file while saving.

10.09.2004 [*] Double explosions import (if there was no shooting, the first explosion not the double should be created)

09.09.2004 [=] Opportunity to change stakes numeration step obligatory without renumeration

09.09.2004 [=] display of information about index and channels in the top right window (“Import” window) while SPSX import

09.09.2004 [=] redirecting of SP index while SPSX import

09.09.2004 [*] scrollbar property out of range

07.09.2004 [*] opportunity to set the last channel while SPSX import appeared

01.09.2004 [*] Now import stops when the steps do not coincide.

31.08.2004 [*] opening of the project with the space in new window

31.08.2004 [*] call of the project with the space from the list of recent open

27.07.2004 [*] Import — Seismic acquisition system files — With type recognition. Import error if the steps were not set, fixed.

27.07.2004 [=] Dialog “Size of saved image” changed

27.07.2004 [=] Translation was edited

12.07.2004 [+] IP printing on plane

12.07.2004 [+] Printing in scale

12.07.2004 [=] Dll — up to 20 pixels

12.07.2004 [*] Error in IP

08.07.2004 [=] Error in 2D fold calculation fixed, sorting and displaying on the flat finished

07.07.2004 [+] Lineal fold calculation can be done automatically

07.07.2004 [+] “Setting-Fold and azimuths” menu (Fold 2D)

22.06.2004 [=] Integrated plane: files 2D with the fold: z2i & z2d

17.06.2004 [=] Integrated plane: minimum scale is 20 pixels between points (15 previously)

17.06.2004 [=]Integrated plane: status string display

17.06.2004 [=]Integrated plane: information about SP-RP is below cursor

15.06.2004 [!][+]Integrated plane: first edit

08.06.2004 [=] Dialog: calculation of coincidence of SP-RP numeration for building an integrated plane

04.06.2004 [+] Printing of formats > A3

02.06.2004 [+] Program interface is in English

01.06.2004 [+] Help Topics from graphic window panels

01.06.2004 [!][=] Project management changed (now there are separate tasks)

25.05.2004 [+] Settings: accept program closure

25.05.2004 [=] Changes in UNDO mechanism

20.05.2004 [*] By opening the broken or absent project one of the four inner windows

18.05.2004 [+] Report about ledges

18.05.2004 [=] Cancellation of steps inheritance

17.05.2004 [=] UNDO mechanism set

06.04.2004 [!][*] Inner changes while removal from “Data tables”

05.04.2004 [*] Changes in work of “Save as…” function

26.03.2004 [=] Changes in work with the list of last projects (work with register)

25.03.2004 [*] Changes in reports on import

25.03.2004 [*] Error in captions while using “Through”

22.03.2004 [+] Project characteristics window: setting record into a file and reading from the file

22.03.2004 [=] Changes in seismic acquisition system files import

22.03.2004 [=] Panel “Additional functions” is now accessible in “Edit” and “Shooting” mode.

15.03.2004 [=] cosmetic changes in “Project characteristics” window

12.03.2004 [+] Coordinates transformation

12.03.2004 [+] RP numeration (easy-hard)

11.03.2004 [=] While track creation take into account that RP step has already been created or create and fix it.

11.03.2004 [=] If there is at least one spread in a project, stake number changes only in project characteristics.

11.03.2004 [*] Renumeration of SP + SPL, RP + RPL error.

11.03.2004 [=] Program settings: Double – Coincident transformation.

09.03.2004 [+] Project merger: Undo function

09.03.2004 [+] Project merger: recovery by error.

04.03.2004 [+] Project merger: do not turn on coincident RP for the second time

04.03.2004 [+] Program settings: Project merger

03.03.2004 [+] Project merger: MDB merger

03.03.2004 [*] Fold calculation error while undefined turn of stakes from graphic window if there are double explosions in project

02.03.2004 [*] Bin grid calculation in graphic window

02.03.2004 [*] Pikeza-3 project reading (reverse commutation)

28.02.2004 [+] “Coincident – Double” transformation

28.02.2004 [!][+] first variant of project merger

25.02.2004 [+] Double – Coincident transformation

26.02.2004 [+] creation of undefined column-wise text file (or into Communication buffer)

25.02.2004 [+] Displaying of “Caption” string on the import information window.

25.02.2004 [*] Error in operator report import – inaccurate definition of the import diapason

24.02.2004 [+] Reports — Magnetic tapes list, Shooting scheme

19.02.2004 [+] Reports-Inventory of defects

11.02.2004 [*] “Transfer” function (there was a mistake for text columns)

11.02.2004 [+] Search in a column

11.02.2004 [*] Interface with dll

10.02.2004 [*] After CF change the project size has to be recalculated if CF define the size.

10.02.2004 [*] Cartographic feature (CF) editing (error after polygon peaks removal for several times)

10.02.2004 [=] Process of coordinate track drawing in graphic window was changed

10.02.2004 [*] Errors while hitting a window by the track. Problems with increasing the window size

10.02.2004 [=] “Delete project data” function

06.02.2004 [=] pikeza.DSN is deleted automatically

06.02.2004 [*] Error while SPS-files group (spread) import

06.02.2004 [*]Error “It cannot be” in cartographic feature.  — ошибка «Так не должно быть». Polygon bulge was defined inaccurately because of computational error. Requirement to computational error was lowered.

06.02.2004 [*] Program does not check the presence of file before moving to notes.

06.02.2004 [*] Error while panel removal. Error while checking for blank project if the panels are deleted

06.02.2004 [=] Edit — Transfer

05.02.2004 [!][=] Structure of mdb-file was changed (identification by unique number (UID)).

04.02.2004 [!][=] Structure of mdb-file was changed (additional stake identification by p. File)

03.02.2004 [+] Synchronization with mdb-file by renumeration.

03.02.2004 [-] Dialogs were transferred to dll-file

02.02.2004 [-] Dependence from outer bpl-modules removed

02.02.2004 [=] UPX EXE Compression

02.02.2004 [=] Dialog of SPS additional field setting was also transferred to “Project characteristics”.

02.02.2004 [-] Now scrapping is deleted while stakes renumeration if “Delete mark by spread change” is turned on.

02.02.2004 [=] Call for project saving if it is essential (fold calculation, notes etc.)

02.02.2004 [*] Accurate display of the last working project (Projects – Las projects) (project is also displayed by clicking “save as”)

02.02.2004 [*] In function “Save as” name of files associated with the project also changes (.za_, .mdb)

02.02.2004 [+] Spread: reset mark and scrapping while spread change (see format changes of 28.01)

02.02.2004 [+] Spread: change the spread in the window “Marks” while channel scrapping (see format change of 28.01).

29.01.2004 [=] Project characteristics: RP numeration – requirement to accuracy lowed.

28.01.2004 [=] 2D/3D buttons on the instrument panel

28.01.2004 [!][=] Project format: “delete mark and scrapping data when spread change” setting

28.01.2004 [!][=] Project format: “change spread when channel scrapping” setting

28.01.2004 [*] Spread: ban on deleting the last diapason

28.01.2004 [=] Spread: algorithm of channels – stakes change is improved

28.01.2004 [=] Spread: field “First channels” becomes active when window is open

27.01.2004 [*] Shooting error when stake-string were not defined

27.01.2004 [*] Editing while SP-RP switching: list of functions was not being updated

27.01.2004 [=] “Wipe” function: While any operation that leads to wiping “Spread”, “First string”, “First stake” values, spread, first string and first stake are wiped immediately.

26.01.2004 [*] Graphic window can be maximized coincidentally with curvilineal track coordinates.

26.01.2004 [+] Creation of curvilineal track by means of a cursor in Graphic window.

26.01.2004 [!][+] Project label added.

26.01.2004 [*] Mask *.* was added to all opening/saving dialogs

25.01.2004 [+]Creation of curvilineal track by means of a table.

25.01.2004 [=] Creation of SPS-files: opportunity to sort “as in SP table” added, setting of double SP arrangement in a file.

25.01.2004 [=] Reading the information about reverse commutation while opening Pikeza-3 projects.

25.01.2004 [=] Open comments file automatically if it was set once.

23.01.2004 [=] sps-x import: explosion index analysis.

23.01.2004 [+] Printing on the one sheet (graphWindow)

22.01.2004 [+] Ledges (Main window Shooting)

22.01.2004 [=] ESC button – close “Spread” window

22.01.2004 [+] “Spread” window cannot be closed or switched to another explosion if there was no change saving

22.01.2004 [+] “Service” menu expanded – call of outer programs. At first the file is searched in ApplDir directory (it is register variable in section of Pikeza). If there is no variable, then – into RootDir.

21.01.2004 [!][*] mdb-file structure changed (work with second explosions in p. marks)

21.01.2004 [+] Work with two explosions for Marks

21.01.2004 [+] work with SP group in “Marks” window

20.01.2004 [*] undefined mark can be set from the main window, it is saved by report manager.

20.01.2004 [!][=] mdb-file format changed (now .dat is used)

19.01.2004 [*] error in channel numeration in “Marks” window if the channels are missed at the beginning of the spread

19.01.2004 [+] Spread: changes in analysis of interference of intervals with one string (number of missed channels and stakes is analyzed).

19.01.2004 [+] Analysis of unused (“main window Shooting” menu)

19.01.2004 [+] “Mark” window

19.01.2004 [!][*]  mdb-file structure changed

16.01.2004 [*] focus is given back to the subsidiary window (Spread, Import, Graphic.window) while switching the applications

16.01.2004 [+] “Mark” button (reports)

16.01.2004 [+] “Marks” interface

15.01.2004 [+}«for setting.mdb» file for report manager.

14.01.2004 [*] 2D fold

13.01.2004 [+] Options replace-leave automatically (SPS group)

13.01.2004 [+] Options «replace — leave old information” for X-file and seismic acquisition system.

13.01.2004 [+] 2D fold.

13.01.2004 [+] View-Tracks menu – track management while viewing.

08.01.2004 [+] Arithmetic with calculator.

08.01.2004 [+] Track graphic (in “Service” menu)

05.01.2004 [+] Pikeza-3 project reading

05.01.2004 [+] “Import” submenu – all points work